Monday, December 23, 2013

Master Gardener Classes Forming

The Kentucky Extension Master Gardener Program is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to learn more about horticulture and to become leaders in their community.  We help you gain knowledge and build confidence in your abilities to help others with gardening inquiries.  All the information presented in the 10 to 12 session training is sound research based information that will help you see the inter-connected nature of horticulture and the fields of study like entomology, pathology, soils, and much more.

We are in the process of forming the 2014 class of Master Gardeners for the residents of Nelson County, Kentucky.  The classes will begin in late January and run through the first of April.  With your information and availability we can begin setting dates and times for the classes.  Below you will find a brochure and an application link please fill them out and return to the Nelson County Extension office at 317 South Third Street,  Bardstown Kentucky.  You may call the Extension Office after January 2nd for more information at 348-9204.  

Nelson County Master Gardener informational Brochure. 
Master Gardener Application.