Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Living Simply: Getting Back to the Basics

Building on the popular series of classes from last year Dayna and I are introducing the new series for 2013 called Living Simply: Getting Back to Basics.  This year we will tag team each topic while sharing the how to do information as well as the why to do it information (nutritional info., cost saving info., etc.)  This series will be monthly on the third Thursday of the month beginning at 5:30pm.

  • February 21: Nature’s Candy: Learn what fruits are best to grow in Nelson County, then learn about the benefits of eating these fruits and different ways to prepare them! 
  • March 21: Gardeners and Grandkids: Want to spend more time with your grandkids? Grow a garden with them! Give your grandkids the memories of gardening with you.
  • April 18: What’s In Your Pantry?: Learn the best beans to add to your garden, then how to make a meal with them and other staple items in your home.
  • May 16: You Can Can!: Want the basics of home canning? We’ll give you all the answers!
  • No Class in June
  • July 18: Soap Making: Add some lavender plants to your garden and then make your own soap. Great to keep or give as gifts!
  • August 15: Knead some bread?: Learn how to make your own bread and what grains to grow for it.
  • No Class in September
  • October 17: Meats 101: Learn the best cuts of meat, how to cook it, the nutrition of meat, and try a sampling!
  • November 21: Turkey Day Preparation: Learn all about turkey safety, how to cook the bird and how to make side dishes big enough to feed your whole family! We’ll show you how to have the perfect, healthy holiday feast.