Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Leaves are Falling

It is a beautiful time of year however most don't realize that it is also a great time to hoard those falling resources. Leaves are a resource for nutrients that most of you simple kick to the curb and hope the truck picks them up. Consider this:

Does anyone Fertilize our forests?
When nutrients are removed from the soil by the plants where do they end up?
Why buy fertilize when you can simply recycle your own resources?

The nutrients that are removed from the soil for plant growth are used to expand the plant tissue. What is not used for this purpose is not thrown away by the plant but simply deposited in the leaves to be returned to the ground for redeposit. Nutrients are returned to the soil through decomposition(composting)and again become vailable to the plants for next seasons growth cycle. Forests fertilize themselves in this manner. By simply mulching with your mower you will redeposit the nutrients and encourage an explosion of soil flora and fauna that will only strengthen the planting. You may simply compost them on site but whatever way you decide don't waste your own resource.