Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nelson County Soil Conservation District Annual Field Trip

Let me just tell you about my day. AsI said in the title the Nelson County Soil Conservaiton District sponsored a field trip today to visit some of the regions agriculture entrepeneurs. In Nelson County we visited Robert Mayer's aquaculture farm dedicated to the raising of large mouth bass. The unique thing about this operation is the marketing aspect. The fish are shipped live to Toronto Canada to be consumed by an ethnic market. Robert and his family have realy done their homework and created a very nice business niche for themselves. For more information on aquaculture visit the Kentucky State University Aquaculture website.
Second stop on the tour took place at the Roundstone Native Seed LLC. facilities in Upton,KY. Another entrepeneur that has created quite the business with one goal in mind; To be The Best in the Business. An from all indications they seem to know what they are doing. Their main business is seed production of our native grasses such as Big Blue Stem, Little Blue Stem, Eastern Gamma Grass, etc. They also produce over thirty different varieties of wild flowers and other wildlife friendly plants. For more information on this company check out their website by clicking on Roundstone Native Seed LLC.