Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspect your plants before purchasing

With all the rain and gloomy days we aren't just the only things suffering.  As we begin to dry out we will be tempted to go purchase plants to either cheer up the landscape or cheer up the pallate.  Be very cautious when purchasing plants after this monsoon season.  They like us have been setting around doing nothing for several days now and can develop some bad problems.  Don't be afraid to check the root system for good white roots and be sure to cull the plant if you see leaf spotting, wilting, or just overall lackluster conditions. 

One problem we need to be particularly diligent on occurs on our Tomato plants.  A disease called late blight has shown up extremely early over the last two years and with the weather we have had we can expect to see this issue again.

The link above will give you much more insight as to what to look for and the images are shots of late blight on transplants.