Friday, April 05, 2013

What's the purple stuff in my yard?

Answer is....... Dead nettle or Henbit.  Both are purple in flower and foliage and absolutely happy this time of year.  We pay attention to this weed this time of year when it is visible but the attention should be given in the fall before it germinates.  Both weeds have similar characteristics and should be treated as the same when considering control.  I prefer the fall control methods which includes a pre- emergent control however at this time of year your only choices are to wait for it to die when the temperatures warm or use a broad leaf weed control to eliminate it now.  For more information on all weed control see the publication AGR-208 Weed Control for Kentucky Home Lawns . Keep in mind that most of our best lawn care activities should take place in the fall versus the spring. 
Dead Nettle