Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Getting Ready for Bardstown's First Rain Garden

This morning I met with UK specialist Brad Lee and City Engineer Jessica Filiatreau in regards to selecting a site for the city's rain garden.  We have chosen a site at the corner of Jones and Broadway because of its high influx of water during runoff rains.  Today we are conducting a percolation test to make sure the soil can handle the water load and allow the plants to flourish. 

So, a rain garden is an area that can and often does receive flooding during heavy rain.  The rain garden then uses plant material to uptake and slow down water so that it can then enter in to the soil profile thus reducing the amount of storm runoff that enters the septic and streams. 

You can take part in a the first Rain Garden Workshop on April 29th at 9:00 am at the Nelson County Extension Office. We will go through the entire process from design to build.  We will get our hands dirty in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided we just need you to sign up with the Extension office at 348-9204.