Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pruning Fruit Trees

Young Apple Before Pruning
One of the more popular posts on this blog is the one dealing with fruit tree pruning.  Nothing beats a handson training when learning the trade.  To that point Dave Kessler, ag agent for Marion County, has organized a fruit tree pruning demonstration for March 22nd in Marion County.  Call the Marion County Extension office at (270) 692-242 for times locations and details. 

General rules when it comes to any pruning are as follows:
  • Start by removing any damaged branches
  • Next remove anything that crosses another branch
  • Young Apple After Pruning
  • Now remove all water sprouts (fast growing straight up branches) and the majority of the interior small branches
  • Finally you will make cuts that increase air flow, incrase spacing for future hanging fruit and sunlight penetration and overall form. 
  • An apple, and pear will be pruned to a central leader, while a peach, plum, cherry, and others will be more open and vase shaped.