Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emerald Ash Borer

By Lee Townsend

The degree day model predicts the beginning of EAB emergence during this week in central Kentucky; it should reach its peak in about 2 weeks. Individual beetles live for about 3 weeks so adults could be around from mid-May through early July. Adults will feed on ash foliage high in the crown for several days before mating and laying eggs. Suspected infested ash trees outside of the EAB quarantine area (a triangular are bounded by Lexington – Louisville – Covington and the Body – Greenup county area should be reported to the Office of the State Entomologist (859) 257-5838. Insects suspected of being emerald ash borers can be taken to the Nelson County cooperative extension service office at 317 South Third Street Bardstown KY.

Severe storms over the past several days have knocked down a number of the purple EAB traps. The surveyors will be checking and rehanging downed traps so it is best to leave them where they can found and re-set.