Friday, April 09, 2010

Gardening in my yard

Spring break is the time I generally get the yard in shape around my house.  This year I made a point to address one of my perennial gardens for renewal.  It was installed 10 or 11 years ago and I hadn't done much to it over the years.  But this week I tackled it by digging everything out and then tilling the bed.  I took the perennials to the barn where I began dividing.  If your are looking for money saving ideas; dividing perennnials is a no brainer.  For example four clumps fo daylilies turned into twenty five, four clumps of blue sage turned into fifty clumps, and one clump of an ornamental grass became seventy five. Once I had the divisions done I began to create the design for the garden based on what I had available.  After the design was settled on planting began.  Before transplanting fertilize was applied and worked into the soil.  After transplanting was complete a preemergent herbicide was applied and everything was watered.