Thursday, May 02, 2013

Oaks and Boxwoods getting bombarded right now!

Oaks are taking a beating by the same insect that bounces off the security light at night.  This beetle feeds and night and its main course is your young oak leaves.  They will chew the new leaves off all the way back to the petiole leaving the tree stripped clean of foliage.  While this is not good the action does not mean doom for the tree.  If the tree is healthy the tree will simply add new leaves later.  However if it is a tree that is struggling already this activity could put over the top. See this link for control options:  Controls for insects eating ornamentals.

Boxwoods are being infested with psyllid activity.  These guys cause more cosmetic damage than anything else but that can be enough.  Psyllids cause the puckering or cupping of the leaves on boxwoods that persist all season.  See this link for control options: Boxwood Psyllid